A club for anyone to volunteer their help to empower the vulnerable people of Rwanda in any way they know how. You can offer anything from $10 a month to going to Rwanda and creating powerful workshops so Rwandese can free themselves of the chains of grief and loss or both!

Get Involved...

$30 Pays a YEAR of Primary School

$300 Pays a YEAR of Secondary School

$15 Pays a family of 5 MEDICAL INSURANCE

$50 buys a goat for the village

$400 buys a cow for the community

$100 sets up a mushroom farm

$50 Can feed a Family of 4 for a month

One of our goals is to ask 100 people to donate into a bank account of CVC's $10 every month making that $1000 a month for more children to go to school,medical insurance to be paid for, food to be put on the table and empowering workshops to be facilitated.

Another is too organise a 1 month healing workshop during the Genocide remembrance time in April 2013 and we invite you to come with us and gift the Rwandese with your facilitation of empowerment in your own workshop.


CVC has opened a bank accnt for CVC at Westpac please arrange to get a direct debit from your bank or donate what you like.

PLEASE make sure you put your name on each deposit so we know where to send our gratitude :)

Please phone Kimmy O'Meara if you need more info on 042 883 1722



Westpac Bank

Counselling Volunteers Club

BSB: 036048

ACCNo: 328093