Clay Therapy at National University of Rwanda 2013

18/12/2012 21:27

We are so excited to be making plans and putting them into action for the Clay Therapy lectures that will be presented to 150 Psychology students and graduates of the National University of Rwanda in April/May 2013.I will be joined by Leah and Anita who will be  also facilitating Clay Therapy workshops and Steve who will be assisting  with counselling during the workshops, videoing and photographing our adventures.

This project has been received with eagerness and gratitude by the head of the Psychology Dept Dr.Vincent and the President of CPSAR,the student's association,Kevin.They both feel using clay as a means of psychological healing will greatly benefit the vulnerable people sufferring grief,anger,forgiveness and self parenting issues so are busily organizing class rooms,accommodation,equipment,students,final times and dates that the lectures will be held.

Kasia will also be joining us with a massage and meditation workshop teaching villagers to nurture and heal each other and enable participants to create a possible avenue to generate an income through the application of massage. CVC's objective is to empower the people so that they have skills to help them manifest  more opportunities for an optimistic future,Kasia's workshop is in alighnment with this vision.

All of us are fundraising and saving our earnings for the airfares and accommodation to deliver these workshops,voluntarily,over a period of a month so that we can facilitate approximately 300 people to a new empowerment tool.

If you are feeling you would like to support us in some way you can choose to direct debit into CVC Westpac account each month,attend my book launch and African fun night on the 22nd Feb or perhaps you might like to get sponsors for a personal challenge!

CVC is a way to make a difference to someones life in a direct way,no admin or wages expenses that can mean smaller numbers of vulnerable people will benefit.