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15/08/2012 12:23


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Kimmy O'Meara the Honourary President of CVC and Dr. Patricia Sherwood the Director of Sophia College of Counselling have co-written a book on the experience of Clay Therapy healing the severely traumatised Genocide survivors of 1994.

It is Kim's personal journey of how she became involved with the people of Rwanda and the journey they embarked on together, beginning with the visit to the gorillas, Rwanda's National Treasure, and moving through the emotional and challenging process that brought peace to the hearts of the survivors.

Dr. Sherwood brings her expertise into the therapeutic interventions using clay and explains the theory behind the clay sequences.

This is a good news story for counsellors,human service workers,psychologists and people from all walks of life who live in the hope that even from the ashes of Genocide a pheonix can arise.The courage of the Rwandans sharing their stories of Genocide and recovery are profoundly moving and an inspiration to the power of the human spirit to heal given the right opportunities.Clay Therapy is one of those opportunities which gives a silent but transforming voice to all who have suffered and who strive to heal their lives and their communities.An inspirational grass roots intervention that provides an innovative model for effective counselling and community development.

You will read how Laughter Yoga prepared the Rwandese to face their fears and heal their pain.Filling their bodies with feel good endorphines that gave them the extra  strength,courage and optimism to make the journey into the past in order to heal the future.

The book sells at $25 with all profits going to the Rwandese to help fund the 2013 project planned during the Genocide commemorative period in April.You can read more information on this project in our project section.If you would like to purchase the book you can deposit money into Sophia College of Counselling bank account or send a cheque or money order (made out to Sophia College) to Kimmy,please include $5 for postage thank you.

Kimmy O'Meara  
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Western Australia.


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Please put your name on the deposit record then contact the college with your name and address so we can post you your new book.

Please include $5 for postage.