Vote for CVC: Humanitarian Award

27/04/2012 21:46


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Counseling Volunteers Club was created to help vulnerable Rwandese such as Genocide survivors,AIDS affected families and poverty stricken families

Through the fundraising that is done in Australia,by our,Hourary president Kim Omeara her friends and family Laugh W.A, CVC has provided primary and secondary education, medical benefits, English lessons, Clay Therapy workshops, and mushroom farming training etc.

During the 18th Genocide Commemorative period CVC conducted a workshop designed for Genocide survivors titled: Healing the Grief of Genocide to Help People Move through their Grief and Heal the Sorrow of the Past”.

CVC has the vision to help vulnerable people achieve true healing, empowerment and a promising future filled with hope and wellbeing for themselves and their families.

CVC is co-authoring a book with Kim Omeear and the director of Sophia College in Australia, Dr.Patricia Sherwood. This book is being published in readiness for The International Psychologist Conference in South Africa and The Geneva Convention later this year with the vision of reaching aid organizations worldwide. We aim to raise awareness of the profound healing that is experienced with Clay Therapy.