Counselling enVisioning Community extend to you a warm welcome to our vision, hoping that visiting us will fill your hearts with a desire to heal and empower the vulnerable people of Rwanda. We invite you to feel inspired to join us in creating a promising future to the lives of those who survived the 1994 Genocide, those who are affected by AIDS and those bound by the chains of poverty.

Banamungu Idi founded CVC in 2011 after meeting Kimmy O'Meara in October 2010. Their shared vision brought life to CVC and their first Clay Therapy workshops began in July 2011.

Kimmy O'Meara has an Advanced Diploma in Holistic Counselling from Sophia College in Western Australia where she teaches Clay Therapy founded by Dr. Patricia Sherwood, the Director of Sophia College. With the help of Banamungu and CVC volunteers, Kimmy facilitated five and three day workshops addressing the issues of grief, loss, anger and self parenting. Each day began and finished with a Laughter Yoga session that filled the participant's bodies with feel good endorphines, antibodies and reduced the stress hormone cortisol. The Laughter Yoga gave everyone a feeling of wellbeing that empowered them to persevere through their healing journey. When Kimmy returned to Australia, Banamungu and CVC volunteers who had completed the Clay Therapy workshop continued counselling and teaching the Self Parenting workshop and Laughter Yoga sessions.

Through the generous donations of Australians and fundraising events organized by Laugh W.A, CVC is able to pay for workshops, school fees, medical insurances, food, rent, a mushroom farm and a goat breeding program.The beneficaries of CVC consist of the residents of twelve villages. CVC believe that to heal and empower people they need to be taught skills that give them the tools to maintain health, wellbeing and a sufficient income.

All members must attend a "What is a Volunteer?"workshop to understand the objectives of CVC.They have to nominate and complete three acts of kindness that they are capable of completing for another member eg.take care of someone sick,fix a car or bike,dig a vegetable garden.They also need to attend a healing or empowering workshop such as Clay Therapy,Laughter Yoga,mushroom or goat farming or English lessons before they can receive any financial assistance.All of these workshops are funded by CVC and are at no cost to CVC members.

In the Genocide Commemorative period of April 2012, CVC was nominated for a RINA Humanitarian award -Rwanda International Network Association. The award is presented to individuals or organisations that have demonstrated significant efforts in improving the quality of life in Rwandan communities.

If you feel the stir of curiosity and resonate with our vision,please make yourself comfortable as you browse through our website.We wish for your passion to be ignited!

Love,Laughter and Life to you


Clay Therapy at National University of Rwanda 2013

18/12/2012 21:27
We are so excited to be making plans and putting them into action for the Clay Therapy lectures that will be presented to 150 Psychology students and graduates of the National University of Rwanda in April/May 2013.I will be joined by Leah and Anita who will be  also facilitating Clay Therapy...

Book For Sale

15/08/2012 12:23
  (Click image to enlarge) Kimmy O'Meara the Honourary President of CVC and Dr. Patricia Sherwood the Director of Sophia College of Counselling have co-written a book on the experience of Clay Therapy healing the severely traumatised Genocide survivors of 1994. It is Kim's personal...
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